Andrew Welsh

By Andrew Welsh
Hillsboro, OR
My dream is to become an airplane pilot and explore the world from the air, go to the Olympics, and make a very popular line of graphic novels and movies. How will I achieve this? Hard work, focus and determination. These seem like pretty lofty goals but I am willing to take the initiative to achieve them, no matter how hard it is. First is aviation. My cousin Jacob has been flying planes for about four years, and is a certified flight instructor. A few years ago, he offered to take me on a flight, and when I went to the airport, I didn’t know what to expect. When I got into the plane, I remembered I was afraid of heights. Once we took off down the runway, there was no turning back. We flew west and did some turns over Hagg Lake. After that, we flew over Portland and did a touch and go at PDX. When we were driving home, I couldn’t wait to tell the story to my parents. This experience was what got me interested in flying, and I decided I wanted to be like my cousin, to fly, to explore, to be able to go anywhere. Once I become old enough, he, or someone else could teach me to fly. I could then get a pilots license, buy a plane and fulfill my dreams of flying around to places such as Crater Lake, or the Grand Canyon, or New York, or do night flights to look at the stars while I fly. That is how I plan to fulfill that dream. Second is track. My dad ran track for 14 years, and was pretty good at it too. I’ve done track for three years now, and it is so satisfying to win a race. The first race I won was the 400-meter dash, and was mostly against one of my friends since we broke away from everyone else. In the final sprint, he pulled ahead, and with the end in sight, I pushed harder, passing him and ending the race. I continued to train that track season and eventually made it to districts. From what my dad says, I could be a great long distance runner if I train hard enough. I look up to my dad as a role model when it comes to track. If I begin training now, around the time my dad did, by running in high school for the track team, I could get to the point he made it to. I could go to state meets, qualify for nationals, go to Olympic trials, and hopefully the Olympics for long distance track. That would help me fulfill my dreams of becoming a track star and running for the U.S. at the Olympics. The third is writing and publishing graphic novels and turning them into movies. Since the end of sixth grade, a little over a year ago, I’ve been drawing a trilogy of graphic novels about humans fighting aliens to prevent an
apocalyptic future. I plan to publish them, and make them known to the world. My books have been noticed and recognized by teachers and even the Vice Principal, which I think is really cool. I’m currently writing the script for a movie that I’m going to make on my own, based off of my first book Attack! . I write these books to tell a good story to others, and to do that on a large scale would be amazing. What role does my education have in this? For flying, which I interviewed my cousin about in fifth grade, it takes comprehension, math, and good judgment. If you don’t have good judgment while you’re flying, bad things could happen. Math plays a big role in calculations and elevation. I’m interested in studying meteorology, which is also important. For track, you become a student of the sport, paying attention to other athletes, putting others training regimes to use, and work ethic. If you don’t have good work ethic, you can’t train to be a runner. For writing and illustrating, there is skill required. You need to have good writing and drawing skills and a plan to continue to improve them to be able to come up with stories that captivate people, and inspire others to draw too. I was surprised when after one of my friends read my books, he started making one of his own. What will I do when I have achieved these dreams? I’m not sure. I know that these are big dreams, and they will take a large amount of effort and time to achieve. I can take the skills I’ve learned and apply them in everyday life, and possibly teach the skills to people that shared the same dream as I did.