Elevate Your Life

Elevate Your Life – Ryan J. Poe Foundation

Motivating today’s children is an epic challenge. In our modern day world of “instant
gratification,” the concept of hard work in return for a lifetime of rewards seems like a whisper in a hurricane. The dream of flight has always held a particular fascination for all ages, particularly young people. Every time a plane flies overhead, the large majority will look skyward. It is this unique fascination that makes flight a natural metaphor for dreams.
The goal of Elevate Your Life is to utilize aviation to help children realize their dreams and
goals in life are real and can be achieved. The program gives them a path to follow that
inspires a lifetime of ethics and habits that will lead them to someday achieving those dreams.
It also works to leave them with the resolve and commitment to someday pass that inspiration
to others.
“Every young person has talent and ability. We want to help them discover and
make their own success story from those skills”
-Greg Poe, Founder, Ryan J. Poe Foundation
Greg Poe, a world renowned and successful airshow performer, began Elevate Your Life
program after losing his son Ryan to heroin addiction in 2002. He realized that his story of
success could inspire kids, while showing what happened to his son as an example of what can
happen when distractions are allowed to take over their lives.
Greg Poe’s Elevate Your Life program is the action arm of the Ryan J. Poe Foundation. We set up essay contests all over North America every airshow season. Using mostly airshow pilots and airshow planes, this is the only program of its kind in the world!