Gracie Rowe

“I Want to Elevate My Life”

Gracie Rowe
5th grade, age 11
Madison Middle School

I have a passion and I want to share it with you. I want to tell you how I will work hard to achieve my passion. What does education have to do with my dream? Well I’ll tell you. Last, I’ll tell you what I hope to do once I have achieved my goal, dream, and passion.

My dream is to play the violin. I love the way the music just flows through me and my thoughts. The violin is a beautiful instrument. I didn’t have much care for the violin, until my friend let me play her violin. Suddenly a whole new world opened up to me. I loved it. I had never wanted to be in orchestra before, but then I realized I had an amazing feeling when I played that violin. It was soaring on the wind or being on top of the world. That’s when I decided I WAS going to play the violin.

I will achieve my dream of playing the violin by working hard at learning how to play each note and listening to my violin teacher. I will work hard each and every day practicing. I will be diligent even when I am frustrated with songs that are hard. I will persevere and stay strong till “the end”. I will play to my best ability and never give up. This is how I will achieve my dream.

Education will be the base of my dream, I wouldn’t know anything if I didn’t have a teacher to teach me how. I will need a teacher to teach me the notes, how to hold a violin, and how to play songs that are hard. Not only will I need education to learn how to play the violin, but by playing the violin I get the benefit of improved learning ability. Studies have shown that playing an instrument helps you focus, concentrate, behave, and read better. It also helps you have a sharper memory and stronger academic skills. As you can see education is a big part of my dream.

I am going to use my new ability to teach my children the love of music. I also want to teach my children the importance of music. After playing the violin I feel it is important to teach not just my future kids but everybody. I would also like to perform for church or small groups in the community. I will also continue to work on the violin and practice to get better every day. That’s how I will use my new gained talent once I have attained it.

Now I have showed you what my dream and passion. By telling you what my dream is. How I will achieve it. The role my education plays in this dream. Finally, what I will do with it once I have achieved it. This is my dream.