Jake Pruett


 By Jake Pruett, 9th grade, Hillsboro, Oregon

My name is Jake Pruett, I am 15 years old. All my life I have had a passion for guns and a fascination with war, and its history. Ever since I can remember on and off I have considered joining the military to serve and protect my country. I have made up my mind and decided that my dream is to go to college through the military and get my engineering degree. When I graduate I plan to join the US Marine Corps. I then intend to make a career out of the Marines and retire after about 20 to 25 years of service. I then want build and design weapons for the military in my gun shop where I would also like to repair and build custom guns for people.

My education plays a big part in getting into the Marines. The Marine Corps looks very closely at a person’s grades and evaluates you in the process, if you have bad grades they assume you do not have much motivation to excel and learn. So I intend to study hard through high school and college.

My relationship with God plays a big role in my career and my future. I find it very hard to stay focused and study so I will need God’s constant guidance to help me get good grades and stay focused on school. I will also need God by my side during my career in the Marine Corps. I will undoubtedly need courage far greater than my own ability. I will also need God’s guidance in tough decisions that I will need to make in some situations in the military. The area I will probably need God the most is when I’m amidst the battle, where death is constantly lurking around the corner. I will need Gods constant guidance and protection.

I plan to find a girl to marry and have a family. After I retire from the military I will settle down and open my gun shop and hopefully have a decent income from my military retirement and continue to make money and provide for my family with my gunsmith business and be able to raise my kids right and go places with them and make lots of life long memories.