Jerimiah de Wit

“Elevate My Life”

Jerimiah de Wit
Snake River High School
Freshman, age 14

My Dream:

My goal and dream is to excel in the Civil Air Patrol (C.A.P.) up to cadet Colonel. My desire is to receive a scholarship to attend a military school, to get my pilot’s license, and to serve my country, as well as to further myself in the knowledge of my religious faith. The unchanging love I have for our country is based upon my great grandfather Johann Mekel who gave up his life for his country, and my father’s undying admiration for him. He was a patriot and loved his country enough to willingly give his life for it.

What I shall do:

I am very committed to the C.A.P. program, and I firmly believe that it will help me achieve these goals. It is a promise to myself that as I enter into my Freshman year of high school I will succeed in all of my subjects, but in order to do that I must work on math and keyboarding this summer because they are my two weakest subjects. I know that I will achieve my goals and endeavors.

My Current and Future Education:

My parents have said for a long time that reading and education are the stepping stones from the darkness to the light, I firmly believe this and I intend to further my knowledge in education. Because I know that what I learn is used in my everyday life and will be used especially in my line of work. I plan to graduate high school with sufficient grade averages to help me achieve my military school scholarship / acceptance goals.

My Religious Beliefs and Standard of Conduct:

I have a very deep fundamental trust in my Lord and my God, and I recognize him as my savior and my mentor. I trust that he will guide me towards my state of life, and that he will take me on the trip to accomplish my dream. My dad says I had better pray to God to survive this flight, but I think that I will survive.

My Goals and When Attained:

When I attain my dream and goals I will be a licensed pilot, a cadet Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol, a scholar applying to a U.S. military University. Also I want to be a son that my parents, God, and myself can be very proud of. Once this happens then I will settle down with my dream and get a nice little home big enough to raise a family of my own, and when I do I will be asking my kids the very same questions that this essay asks of me. And that is the dream that I know that I can achieve with the help of my mom, dad, my whole family, my friends, my education, my God, my country, and my religious faith.