Kaitlin Morris


 Kaitlyn Morris, 8th grade

    Everyone has a dream. It can be as little as flying a kite, or as huge as becoming the President of the United States. Every child always wants to be a rock star or a princess, but we always grow up. Some people may never get to have their dream come true. My dream is to be a veterinarian and own my own clinic.

   I will achieve my dream by getting a high grade point average to get into a good veterinarian science college. I will take business classes in college so I can learn how to successfully run a business. Volunteer work will play an important role in achieving my dream. I plan to volunteer at an animal shelter and veterinarian clinic during high school, to gain experience in this field before college. This will help me solidify if really want to become a veterinarian.

    Education will play a major role in obtaining my dream. One short goal I have is to be valedictorian, to set myself out to get into an excellent veterinarian science college. It will take approximately eight years of college to become a veterinarian. Veterinarian science school is extremely hard to get into and you have to maintain good grades to even apply for a veterinarian science college.

    Once I obtain my dream, I will donate my services to the humane society, or community animal shelter. In my veterinarian clinic, I will have intern positions available to help local high school kids with similar dreams to mine.

    While striving to achieve my goal, I understand that good education and continuing to get good grades now will help me achieve my goal of becoming a veterinarian and owning my own clinic.