Kevin Campeau

Kevin Campeau
9th Grade
Boy Scout Troop 26
Sponsored by American Legion 26
Powell, WY

“Elevate Your Life”

My dream in life is to be a Wildlife Fish and Game Warden. This is my dream because I love being outside and spend most of my time outside in all weather conditions. I really enjoy learning about animals and most importantly about preserving animal habitat.

In order to get there, I plan to spend my time outside researching plants and animals. It is fascinating to watch animal behavior and habits. I will also plan my classes in high school and in college around topics that will get me there. Scouting has really helped me by preparing me for future classes I will take. I have already earned my Scouting merit badges in Forestry and Environmental Sciences, and Wildlife Conservation.

My education will play the biggest role of all in helping me to meet my goal. Topics that will be the most beneficial in high school and college will be topics such as biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, and more. By choosing subjects that are critical for this career, I will be more successful in reaching my goal.

Becoming a Fish and Game Warden will allow me to do what I want the most and that is to help plants and animals to survive, which will protect the environment. One of the things I will want to do is to volunteer to teach and educate the public about the importance of animals and how we can save the environment by caring for our plants and wildlife.

This is my dream and I intend to make it come true one day. I really enjoy the outdoors which will fit perfectly with my dream to be a Fish and Game Warden.