Luke Knack

Luke Knack
8th Grade
Lake City Community Church
Seattle, WA

“My Dream”

My dream is to become an orthodontist. This goal will require a lot of schooling and a very good education.

The education needed to become an orthodontist consists of the student attending a regular four-year college, with any major acceptable.

After that, the student must graduate from a four-year dental school program, and a post-graduate training program in orthodontics typically takes three years to complete. Finally, the student is required to take the orthodontic examination, and anybody who passes the exam is granted a 10-year certification as an orthodontist. I don’t know yet which college I’ll choose.

My relationship with God may help me achieve my dream by helping me persevere through the stress of all the schooling. The hope I have in Him helps me endure hard times.

Once I have attained my goal of becoming an orthodontist, I will use my skills to help children build self-confidence by giving them a nice smile. I also want to go on short term medical mission trips to treat dental needs in third world countries.