Morgan Day

Morgan Day, 8th grade

Westwood Community Church

Excelsior, MN


Acting- the art, profession, or activity of those who perform in stage plays, motion pictures, etc. As soon as I step on stage, I am in a different world. When I act, I can be whoever I want, all my cares, fears, hopes, everything, just slips away. When I am acting, I put myself in somebody else’s shoes; I have their voice, and I need to share it. There is a certain joy I get, and that is why my dream, is to be an actress.

I feel like a good education is important in making my dreams come true because I need to learn more about acting, and I need plenty of experience if I want to make it big. In High School, I can audition (and hopefully be in) the school plays, and that will give me some of my experience. I believe that to be an actress, you need to have not only acting skills, but singing and dancing as well. Although I don’t dance anymore, I have about 9 years of experience. When it comes to singing, well, it’s hard to find me at a time when I’m not singing.

I think that through hard work, determination, and practice, I can achieve my dream of performing professionally. Whether it is preforming for 4 people or 4,000 people, I will jump at any opportunity to preform, this is something else that will help me achieve me dream, my willingness to perform in any occasion.

God is a big part in my dream for many reasons. He has a plan for me, and He knows what is best for me. I perform in church productions and it is so much fun! I feel that this is part of God’s plan for me, to discover my love for acting in the church, so that I will continue it in His name, and give him all the credit because credit is due. God gives us all talents, and I believe that one of mine is my stage presence and just acting all together. When I have attained my dream, I’m not quite sure what I’ll do next.

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true” – Abdul Kalam