Olivia Bridges

(1st place winner)

 By Olivia Bridges, 6th Grade, East Valley Middle School

     My dream isn’t something you can just go to college and be guaranteed to get. You have to work for it. That’s exactly what I’m willing to do to attain my dream of becoming a famous singer. I don’t want to be like Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato. I want to be like Beyonce, Alisha Keys and maybe even Whitney Houston. Singing is my dream and I will do whatever it takes to be known not as the girl who failed, but instead as the one who stopped at nothing and succeeded.

    I can’t go a day without listening to music. I can’t listen to music to lyrics. I sing every day no matter where I am. I am too young to have kids, but I treat my body and voice as if they were my kids. I stay healthy, drink lots of water and sing at least one song a day. I love to sing and if I practice hard and do well in school I can be successful. I plan on joining plays, doing talent competitions and singing in front of big groups of people.

    A good education no matter what career you want in the future. I know it’s not guaranteed one hundred percent that I will be famous, but I want to try hard. I do have a “plan B” if I don’t become a singer. I want to be a teacher. My teachers are always telling me to stop talking, but just because I’m talking doesn’t mean I’m not listening. I pay close attention and try to learn some teaching strategies. Without my education I would not understand words, letters, numbers, patterns, beat, rhythm, etc. All of those things are included in the music business. I can use my spelling and writing skills to write lyrics to songs. I can use my math skills to save money so when I retire I will have money to use if needed. All I can say is without an education or music, singing would not be the greatest part of my life.

    If I were to attain my goal, I would want to get signed to a record label. Not only that, but I would also want to be a great role model for others that have the same dream as me. Once I reach my goal, it won’t be about being famous or making money, it’s about how I worked hard and did what I thought was impossible. All I have to do is start small and take little steps and maybe I could be as good as all the others.

    To be a singer I have to work really hard, stay in school and not give up. My dream is out there and if I work really hard I know I can reach it. For now I’m just going to lay low and make do with what I have.