Olivia Lynn

My Dream

By Olivia Lynn, 10th grade, Eagle High School


My dream is to be a well known photographer. I have always had an interest in photography and that type of thing. I love to go out and just lose track of time while taking pictures. This is what I really love to do, and hope to be doing when I am older.

To achieve this dream I would like to go to college to learn about how to be more perceptive to my surroundings and how to work different cameras. To be able to go to college I will need a good education right now, that means I need to work as hard as I can and do my best in school. Education is important to me because I want a good future, not only for me but also for my future family.

God is a big part of my life, He is the reason I am here. I hope to keep Him part of my dream no matter what. He will give me courage and help me pursue my dream. I want to follow the path He is giving me, even if I don’t trust in it at first.

Once I have completed my dream I will probably start donating 25% of my monthly profit to local organizations. Since I would already have my dream come true, why should I keep it all to myself? That is my dream, and I have faith that it will happen.