Paige Darrow

Paige Darrow
Twin Falls, ID

“Elevate Your Life”

If you had a dream, any dream, what would it be? Would it be playing college sports, becoming a doctor, or getting your wings to fly? My dream is to become a teacher.

If you have the opportunity to achieve whatever dream you may have, would you take it? Dreams take many steps to accomplish. Some steps are much harder than others. The steps to accomplishing educational dreams, such as becoming a doctor, writer, pilot, teacher, etc. include getting a high school education, getting accepted into a college that offers your dream as a major, and getting a degree in that field. I have a 4.0 GPA and I plan on maintaining that GPA throughout out high school and on through college. This will make it easier to get accepted into the college of my choice.

Education takes a huge part in my dream because I will be supplying other people with knowledge that I will have had to learn. Education affects me even as a middle school student. I will use the knowledge that I am learning now, such as writing essays, taking notes, and good study skills for the rest of my life, especially throughout my high school and college education.

I plan on teaching until I start my family. Then I will be a stay-at-home mom. If I ever needed to, I would want to be able to support my family. This dream can help me and my future life. It will help my children because I will be able to teach them and help them with their education, even if I am not their teacher in school that year.

Dreams are amazing! They make people unique, and they encourage people and help them want to do their best to attain their hopes and dreams. Dreams are one of the best things in life, and everyone should reach for their dreams and elevate their lives.