Rachel Roberts


 By Rachel Roberts, 7th grade, East Valley Middle School

 Everyone has a dream. Whether to be famous, or to travel, or even to do the impossible, everyone has a dream. When I was about 9 to 11 I kept thinking ’I have to do something’. But I didn’t know what. Was my dream to become a best-selling author? To become the world’s best violinist? To travel? I couldn’t answer this. What is my dream? What is it that I have to do? I kept thinking it was one of the afore mentioned, but my love for them either faded or was not strong enough to become my real dream. Then, just recently, I figured it out. I want to help people.

    Now, I have a particular goal set in mind: I want to help end child abuse. This will take much effort and hours upon hours of study, but I can do it. Through God all things are possible. Yes, I am Christian. I’m not ashamed. If I wasn’t a Christian, I’m not so sure how much effort I would put towards this dream. It most likely wouldn’t be my dream.

    I will achieve this dream by using my own talents. I can write stories that point out all of the problems dealing with child abuse. Such as in some cases, a child will be taken from a poverty-stricken, yet loving home and placed in a foster home where they actually are neglected and abused. If you don’t believe me, read ‘Opposing Viewpoints’.

    Also my education will help me succeed. Getting a better than average education (achieved by hard work) will teach me things I need to know, improve my abilities, and get me into a respectable college. Going to a respectable college is important, if I want to be taken seriously and if I want to be useful. How can I help if I don’t know what you’re doing?

    Finally, the big question. What will I do once I have achieved this dream? Truth is I will never completely achieve my dream. There will always be child abuse, there will always be pain, there will always be suffering. All I can hope for is to rescue a few people, mend a few families, try to make a difference. Without God and the promise of peace and joy and everlasting life, it would be easy to become depressed at this thought. Without that promise what would the use of it all be? Why would I help if these people will die anyway?

    I dream of a world of peace. This will be achieved at Jesus’ second coming. There will be no more pain, no more suffering. What could be better?