Richard Stewart

Richard Stewart
8th Grade
Boy Scout Troop
Sponsored by Uinta County Search and Rescue
Seattle, WA

“My Dream”

My dream is to get good grades and to be on the basketball team and work myself up all the way to the NBA champion ships. Also to use the money I earn from the NBA champion ships for the poor and homeless people so they can/ could have a better life. This task will also be a bit harder to accomplish, because I have Tourette’s Syndrome which makes everything harder than it should be and at times it will make understanding things more difficult.
I will achieve it by getting the best grades I can get and getting in to basketball plus practice every day when ever I can and try to get better also by finishing my education and going to collage to earn my college degree if I need one to enter NBA champion ships and fulfill my dream and achieve my dream. Also last is to save my money so I can give it to the poor and homeless people around the world.
In what I’m trying to achieve, my education is practically everything such as; English plays in to basketball because you have to read the rules and regulations and be able to understand how to play and be able to write. Math, and Science play a role in to basketball because you have to calculate the movement of other players and distance and force needed to make a basket and also you have to calculate all the outs, layup, free throws, fouls, travels, three point line, downs, etc. Plus education is also everything because if I want to get good grade I have to know English, Math, Science, etc.
After I achieved the NBA championships I will use the money I earned and give it to the poor and the homeless that need the money the most then I will get married plus I’ll be a tutor and be a pretty darn good tutor for people with special disabilities that don’t know how to understand it or control it.