Trevor Tweten


By Trevor Tweten, 9th grade

Troop 92, Boy Scouts of America


My dream is to be a park ranger in the National Park System, maybe in a park like Yellowstone. I have visited Yellowstone in the winter and I remember that there was deep snow and the mountains looked really cool. My decision to be a park ranger was from the memories that I have of going through the park.

The reason I want to be a park ranger is that I like nature, animals and plants and the things that I can see in the outdoors. I especially like the way mountains look when they have snow on them. I like being outdoors and taking care of all the things that you can see there. I think it would be neat to work with people in these settings. I would like to take care of the different parts of the park, the resources, the animals, and the people that visit the park. This is so that people of future generations can see them.

I will have to pay attention in school, go to college and study plants, animals, water, and weather and law enforcement. I would really have to be willing to help people. I would also like to be involved in the search and rescue part of being a park ranger.

School will help me attain my goal of being a park ranger by keeping me fit, healthy and strong. I will have to take science classes to study the plants, animals, and all the different aspects of what it would take to be a park ranger. School also helps me learn math and it keeps me focused and teaches me to try harder if I fail at something, because the teachers and coaches teach me to keep trying and never give up no matter how hard it is or how difficult it may be to do.

My relationship with God is such that I have learned how to be kind and helpful to other people. I have learned to be respectful of people and respectful of different beliefs that everyone has. It would really be something to take care of all the things that God has created and keep them for future Scouts and anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Becoming a park ranger will make me a better person because I will have to be kind to other people and all parts of nature at all times. I will be helping to keep the world a better place and I will be keeping the environment safe and healthy for all the parts of nature today and in the future.