Tyson Wages

Tyson Wages
10th Grade
Boy Scout Troop 26
Sponsored by American Legion 26
Powell, WY

“My Dream”

Hello, my name is Tyson Wages. I am a Life scout for my Boy Scout troop. I have a goal to achieve the rank of Eagle before the end of this school year, but that is not my dream. I have a very particular dream. I dream of one day becoming a multi-purpose welder; some of you may not know what that means. There are many types of welding; they range from MIG and TIG to gas welding. I dream to one day being certified and proficient in all basic types of welding, also I dream of one day being an underwater welder for oil rigs and such.

I have already taken steps toward achieving my dream, one of them being enrolled in the welding program at my high school. I am also looking forward to college for welding. I am looking at having my Eagle Scout project to involve a great deal of welding. Already after only one year with the program I can weld many different types and styles of welds. On the underwater side of things I am very involved in my swimming team. I was a state competitor this, my freshman year. I love to be in the water. In the next few years I am looking at spending my summer at the scout camp of Many Point. While there I am looking at getting my scuba certification and looking at heading for my dream.

My education is a great deal in my dream. Like I said I want to go to collage and major in welding. In hands on welding you have to be very precise with your equipment and numbers. While going to school for welding I could possibly also have the chance to have a part time job in a fabrication or welding shop; this will help to further my skills beyond the classroom setting. Many welders do not have a degree for their field of work, but by having one I am put out beyond the crowd.

Once I attain my dream I plan to make a career out of it. Welding is something I can do almost all of my life. Welding is one of those things you never really forget, thus I will be able to weld all my life. No matter how the economy or world is, people will need welders. By knowing this skill I have almost a guaranteed job for life.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to hear about my dream. I hope sharing my dream will inspire other kids to look at their dreams, and realize that they can make their dreams huge. Once they have their minds set there is no stopping them.