Wendy Sanchez

My Dream
by Wendy Sanchez

My dream is to succeed in life. I want to make my parents proud of their first-born daughter. I dream of becoming a pediatric dentist so that I can afford to live a comfortable lifestyle and be able to spend my time surrounded by little kids, while doing something I love. My dream also involves me working hard and getting accepted into an Ivy League college. I know it will take a lot of hard work and effort, however, I also know that with a lot of dedication, I can accomplish anything I dream of. To obtain my dream, I will be required to attend college and dental school. Therefore I plan to work hard in school and study as much as I possibly can. I will block out distractions and stay focused on my education. I will also have to follow the rules. From my parents’ rules to my schools’ rules, there are rules everywhere you go and in order to stay out of trouble and accomplish my dream I will have to follow them. Most importantly, there are many bad influences in the world and in order to accomplish my dream; I am determined to stay away from bad influences, drugs and alcohol. I believe in myself, and I am determined and willing to work hard, study, stay focused on my academics, dodge obstacles and much more to accomplish my dream, for Colin Powel once said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic: it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” My dear mother has always said to me that education is the ticket to success. And she’s right. Education is one of the greatest things one can have and it plays an enormous role in accomplishing my dream. In order to become a certified dentist, I must first graduate from high school haven taken the SAT or the ACT exam. I must then complete four years of college to earn my bachelor’s degree. Then, I must attend dental school for another four years, before taking an exam which determines if I become certified. The road, in which I need to take in order to become a dentist, is the one of education. As you can see, education plays an enormous role in my dream because in order to accomplish it, I must complete four years of college and four years of dental school after high school. Once I succeed and have studied at a top college and have become a certified dentist I want to help kids maintain healthy, strong, cavity-free teeth by teaching them proper oral hygiene. I want to donate money I have earned to charities and help children who suffer from cancer. I also want to help the homeless. And finally, I want to buy my mom a house, for she has always been there for me, all thirteen years of my life. Finally, God has helped me work towards my dream by allowing me to live a healthy life. Thanks to God, I am grateful to say that I have always had food on my table and a roof under my head. God has given me hope, inspiration and a loving, supportive family that is always there for me whenever I need them. God plays a role in helping me work towards my dream for he has given me motivation to study and to stay focused on my academics and has helped me believe in myself. He has also helped me believe that I am capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind too.