Zach Gilmore

Zach Gilmore
9th Grade
Boy Scout Troop 911
Sponsored by Uinta County Search and Rescue
Evanston, WY

My dream is to be a pilot in the Air Force so I think being able to fly in a stunt plane would be a great thing to help me achieve my dream. Ever since I saw the movie Top Gun, I wanted to join the Air Force. So that is why I think that this opportunity would be a great thing.

The education I need to get to be a pilot would be that I had to pass all my classes in school. I would also have to take college level classes when I am in 11th and 12th grade, like calculus. Then I would have to go to college. I would have to get an ACT score high enough that an Air Force college would accept. I would have to go to a college that would support the Air Force. I would have to have a strong background in math and engineering. I would have to stay at that college for about five to seven years.

After I get out of college I would want to join the Air Force to put all the knowledge that I have to use as a pilot because I have always had that dream to fly. I just have the want to fly to be higher than anything else just to look down and see the land below me pass by. When I got into the Air Force I would have that great feeling that I would have achieved my dream of flying in the Air Force then I would keep the career as long as I could until I just could not fly any more.

So in conclusion I would like this opportunity to do what some other people do not get to do, because I think that I would love to fly in a stunt plane because it relates to my dream of being an Air Force pilot and I think that in a way it would help me achieve my dream because I would want the thrill to fly again.